Friday, September 21, 2012


Daily Reading:Genesis 28:10-12

In my life I tend to add more tasks as I move through the day.  One simple task turns into a string of them.  Before long the day is done and I am still pushing to get everything done.  I look at the clock and it's already 1 am.  In 5 hours I need to be up and start a new day. 

Jacob followed the traditions of the time.  When the sun went down he would stop and sleep.  In our fast paced world it is hard to stop what we are doing.  Yet, if we don't stop and rest we cannot dream. 

God and his angels visit us in those precious hours when we let go of the days troubles and allow our bodies to rest.

Instead of pushing through a late night, find a place to stop.  Give your heart and mind to God and sleep. 

Lord, thank you for giving us rest.  We may not always realize how much we need that rest.  Only you creator of us knows what we need.

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