Monday, October 1, 2012

Perfect or Storm

Daily Reading: JOB 1:1-22 & MATTHEW 4:1-11
     You know those days where everything seems absolutely perfect.  The kids left for school on time and got their chores done.  Every task I set out to do was accomplished quickly and smoothly.  I feel like I am walking on air and it feels great! And then it hits.....
     My husband walks in the door hollering mad because someone did something.  My Fson calls to tell me its going to take him an hour to get home because he wrecked his bike.  He admits that instead of being where he ought he went somewhere else and is hanging with an unsavory character. My son was annoyed by another student at school and may be expelled.  My best friend's car broke down.  It seems that the fire of God is raining down all around. 
      There are two choices that I see.  First I can join in and start screaming and bellering.  "Woe is me! Life is ruined.  I'm so picked on! What a terrible day." The second choice is to sit quietly allowing everyone else to complain and belly ache. 
     Like Job we can choose to accept that we have been blessed by God.  The things we have in life are not our own.  Even when we work hard, GOD has provided us the ability and the opportunities to grow an abundant life.  We must take our blessings and return them to GOD because they are not ours, only loaned to us. 
     When the storm is over we can thank GOD for giving us the good day and accept that life is never going to be perfect.  Only Christ is perfect.  Christ was tested in the wilderness by the Devil.  He stood up against the Devil and never sinned.  As Christians we must try to follow Christ's example.  We are not perfect and we will slip up.  We just need to be aware and try harder next time to behave as Christ would.

Prayer:  God, thank you for this wonderful day with its ups and downs.  Thank you for all the blessings you have given us.  Thank you for the storms we are given, and the opportunity to choose to weather the storm as Jesus Christ would.  May your name be praised and may I never curse against you.  Amen.

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