Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Looking to Man instead of GOD

Daily Reading: Deuteronomy 5:8-10

Today I was reminded of how truly fallible I am. Most of my life I jumped from relationship to relationship. I had envisioned a perfect partner for me and thought that if I found a man who had most of the qualities I could change the rest of him to be my idea of perfect for me. Every time I tried to do this I failed.
I had finally realized after many years that I could be happy to live my life without a man. I was content raising my children, going to work, and planning a life for after my children were raised. I had GOD in my life but I wasn't serving him.
Then an amazing man walked into my life. He was exactly what I was looking for; handsome, hard working, affectionate, stable, and he loved me as much as I loved him. We married and I thought everything was perfect. The problem was he didn't have Christ in his heart. Whenever a storm would come he would falter. In fact it wasn't just that he didn't have Christ in his heart, he hated GOD "If there was a GOD, I'd punch him in his face for taking my parents away."
This hatred slowly began to poison our relationship. I began to feel hatred toward the things he hated. I let his hatred seep into me.
GOD gives us wake up calls. I became sick and my mother came to aid me. She saw the emotional sickness and began visiting a church nearby my home. Her love spread to me and I realized that I was looking to my husband for support when I should have been looking to GOD.

Being married to a partner who does not share the same faith as you is very hard.  GOD wants your spouse to come to HIM in HIS time, not ours.  We can not just stand by and wait for our loved one to change.  We need to continue worshiping and praising GOD.  GOD is jealous and wants to know we put HIM above all others.  Our unsaved loved ones may be a test of GOD on us.  Will we pass the test, or will we falter and show our human fallibility, rather than allowing GOD to take control over our actions and emotions?  We must keep our eyes on GOD and allow GOD to take the reigns concerning others in our lives.

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